Announcement – ZJL Partners

Exciting new future for ZJL Partners

Effective 1 October 2018 we’re changing our name from ZJL Partners to “THE BUSINESS EXPERTS”

Why the change?

The Australian Taxation system is changing rapidly. With the introduction of single touch payroll and automated lodgement processes, the Australian Tax Office are taking the responsibility of tax compliance away from taxpayers and automating the whole process.

This will have a major impact on Accounting services.

As such, we see a gradual shift from tax compliance services to business management and tax planning services. For too long Accountants have been reactive and have advised on historical transactions, it’s time to look to the future and be more proactive.

Therefore, we will be introducing a number of initiative, such as our Business Improvement Program, which would include a three-tiered service package to suit client needs and budget.

What a great time to change our name to reflect our new direction…….

What won’t change?

Simply, our service, commitment and team of expert professionals.

ZJL Partners has been around in some form or another for the past 45 years. Over that time, we have developed an excellent relationship with out clients by providing a first-class service.

The fundamentals we pride ourselves in, such as, knowledge, innovation, honesty and going above and beyond what is required will continue unchanged.

The future

We are much looking forward to the future. We are committed to offering our first-class service and are excited about the introduction of our new service products, which we know, will be of a huge benefit to our clients.

So please, do not hesitate, to ask us about the new name and our new catalogue of services and packages.

Thank you for your interest.

Bernie Trounce & Michael Carter


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