5 Proven Ways to Set Goals and Achieve Them

How to achieve your goals this New Year

Setting Goals is by far one of the most important things anyone, who wishes to accomplish anything in life, must do.

You will want to set goals for all areas of your life, otherwise, you may succeed in one, whilst all the other ones are out of balance. Hundreds of experimental studies have shown that goal setting increases significantly the success rate, in any area of life in which it is a applied — this means — business, family, mental, physical, financial, spiritual, social etc.

With that being said, One must learn how to effectively set goals.

In this article, we share with you 5 Proven Ways that you can set and achieve your Goals in 2019.

1.Align your Goals with your Purpose

There are two ways to set goals.

The traditional way is setting goals based on what you think you should be doing or accomplishing. The problem with this method is you are likely to drop those goals along the way, because they don’t align with your inner purpose. Think back to 1 January 2018, how many goals have you lost motivation to work on?

So, when you set your goals for 2019, make sure they come from your deepest dreams, passions and desires. Don’t let that little voice in you head tell you “it’s not possible”, “it’s too hard”, etc – because if you don’t dream big and set the goals, you will never do, what you were put on earth to do.

2. Keep your Goals Visible at all times

Goals that are set and put away in some drawer to collect dust and forgotten are often never achieved. You need to stay connected with your goals, and review them often, so keep them somewhere where you can see them, rather than setting goals in a book and storing it.

Look at your goals every day, if not every week. Stay focused.

3. Share your Goals with Others

If you set goals and don’t share them with anyone, it’s no big deal if you don’t achieve them as you would be the only person who knew about your secret goal, and if you are okay with letting yourself down, there is no accountability for not achieving that goal.

4. Find a Goal that is Worthy of your Life

If a goal is “not that important to you”, you will not do what it takes to achieve it. That doesn’t make you a failure, it simply means, you must find a goal that is worthy of your time.

5. Anticipate Obstacles

Once you begin the journey, it invariably wouldn’t be a straight line. You will face challenges, opposition and other obstacles to achieving your success.

If you are not prepared for this you will likely be taken off course or even stop and quit entirely. So, being mentally prepared for the obstacles and having the tools to overcome them is critical.

Make a list in advance of all the potential roadblocks you think you will or can encounter. Then make a contingency plan for overcoming and be committed to finding solutions to stay on course — no matter how long it takes, or how tough it gets, you keep going, no matter what – after all Life is too short!


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