No-cost and low-cost solutions for Single Touch Payroll

Do you need to report under STP? Here are your options

A range of no-cost and low-cost Single Touch Payroll (STP) solutions are being made available from early 2019 in addition to existing commercial STP solutions.

The no-cost or low-cost solutions have been developed for micro employers (those with one to four employees) who need to report through STP but do not currently have STP ready software. These solutions may include mobile apps, simple reporting solutions and portals.

Software providers have put forward product proposals to offer these solutions in response to a market request. The solutions are required to be affordable (costing less than $10 per month), take only minutes to complete each pay period and not require the employer to maintain the software.

The solutions on this register supplement the wide range of STP solutions already available from software developers that offer varying degrees of functionality, support, and pricing models. You need to choose a solution that is right for you and your business based on your own circumstances. Below is a list of no-cost and low-cost software providers. 

This list does not include all commercial STP-ready software available.

Company name Solution name Solution type Pricing
Reckon Reckon Single Touch Payroll Mobile app Free
Reckon Reckon One Payroll Cloud based $10 or less per month
ClockOn Pty Ltd ClockOn Payroll Desktop $10 or less per month
GovReports Interactive Accounts Manager (IAM – STP) Online application $10 or less per month
Mobile app
Single Touch Pty Ltd STP – Data API, XML, CSV $10 or less per month
Single Touch Pty ltd Single Touch -Lite Cloud $10 or less per month
BAS Off Pty Ltd BAS Off Cloud One upfront fee of $100
Free Accounting Software Pty Ltd Free Accounting Software Desktop Free
ePayroll ePayroll Cloud $10 or less per month
Cashflow Manager Wages1-4 Desktop $10 or less per month
CloudPayroll Pty Ltd CloudPayroll Micro Cloud $10 or less per month
MYOB Australia Pty Ltd MYOB Essentials Payroll Web based $10 or less per month
Xero Australia Pty Ltd Xero Payroll Web based $10 or less per month

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